Liar Liar

Paco worked a sucker over a long time before he got the guy to pay $8000 for a Yamaha TTR 230, which lists for $3099. Lots and lots of Freight, and even more Prep. With all the Freight this guy paid, he could have bought a ride on the space shuttle. He got sent to the moon.

Paco was contento, and the customer was happy to be getting the best TTR230 ever made, or at least the most expensive. Then an angry service customer came up to the front counter and demanded to talk to the CSB.

The CSB had left right after lunch because she has dog training at 8:00 at night and forgot her dog training clothes.

So Star decided that the best place for the angry guy to vent was right next to Paco's desk, so Paco, his Mark, and the wife and child of the mark could hear that the guy's bike was in our service department for 5 months, the parts were supposed to be here, and they still aren't, and he'd been told they would be next week for the past five months. He used the term Liar several times in reference to pretty much everyone he'd dealt with back in Service.

Star finally got a word in edgewise, and ignoring what the customer had said about all the lies he'd been told for the last five months, told the guy that if they told him the same thing last Tuesday, it was because they didn't know the part his bike needed was on backorder, and that they just found out the part was on backorder, and that's why they were now telling him the part was on backorder.

And it will probably take another 5 months to get the part.


fine said...

Holy crap you scared me! I thought you had gotten busted and had to shut down. If you ever have to go invite only for real please invite me!

Apparently Crazy said...

I'm with fine... that sucked having your blog locked down. Don't forget me! LOL

And geez... sounds like the last shop I worked for, too... "not sure when it'll be in, probably sometime next week". HAHA