Bad Brakes

A woman brought her ZX6 into the service department today and accused the Lazy K of causing her to wreck it by forgetting t0 put brake fluid in the front reservoir. She had gone into a corner and put on the front brake, and the bike just kept right on going straight. The bike had been scraped pretty bad down the right side.

The new service manager remembered the bike. It was the one that her husband had wrecked around the corner from the Lazy K the day he rode it home. Tits Ahoy had seen him hit a curb, and then called Baby Hitler and Star to come watch the guy pick up his bike. They thought it was pretty funny. The guy's wife was in a van behind him, following him home.

"Didn't your husband wreck this bike right around the corner on his way home?" asked the service manager.

"No," she said. "I went to ride it this morning and it had no brakes because you guys forgot to put brake fluid in it."

The service manager went out to find the husband, who was trying to hide behind their pickup.

"Didn't you wreck this bike right around the corner when you were leaving with it?" he asked.

"Yes," the husband looked down.

"You didn't tell me that," said the wife.

"I think you need to call your insurance agency," said the service manager.

"It's not insured," said the husband.

Paco's buddy the tour guide says that if his paycheck isn't at least $2000 on Friday, he's out of here. Last week, he sold one bike and earned the $5 minimum commission. I think we'll be saying so long soon. Time is running out to take a guided no pressure tour of every bike in the Lazy K.

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