Overheard at the Quad Show

The inmates at the Lazy K are required to work the annual Quad show, even though it is out of our market area and doesn't generate any business for our particular store. So we have developed an interesting way of expressing our displeasure at losing a weekend to this stupidity. We tell the customers things we find amusing and then watch as they go to the other power sports dealers for third party verification of what we told them.

"You use the winch to raise the quad up into a tree, and then you sit on the front bumper and shoot deer," Friar Tuck .

"The new camouflage attracts deer. They run to it," Friar Tuck.

"The new Can-Am comes with optional glide wings so you can float over sand dunes," Mondo.

"There is a pontoon kit available so you can use it as a boat," Friar Tuck.

"We stopped carrying Polaris since they moved their plant to Communist China," Mondo

"It's next to the plant where Harley builds the sportsters." Friar Tuck

"I hear the electronics on the Polaris are from North Korea." Mondo.

"Next to the Harley plant," Friar Tuck

This so enraged one attendee, wearing a Harley Davidson teeshirt of course, that he started screaming, "Harleys aren't made in North Korea, All they make in North Korea is plutonium. They don't make Harleys in North Korea, I'm a Vet and I know they don't make no Harleys in North Korea!"

"Not the entire bike," Mondo.

"Arctic Cat is going out of business, that's why we don't carry them," Friar Tuck.

"I hear they catch on fire," Mondo.

"Because the electronics are from North Korea," Friar Tuck.

"Suzuki's going to put the Hayabusa motor in a quad," Ol Wigger.

"I wouldn't put my four year old on a 50. You need at least a 125. But don't tell them it's for the kid when you buy it," Mondo.

"Riding two up is no problem, just don't get caught," Ol Wigger.

And whenever someone asks how fast it goes, "Terminal velocity is about 160 mph."

"People say a lot of things about our service department," Mondo.

"When do you think you will be making a buying decision and what features and benefits best suit your needs?" Paco.

There's one in every crowd.

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how can i buy from that paco guy he sound like a great guy