Lesbo Pics

When things are a little slow at the Lazy K, and all of her fuck buddies are offline, and she's three days away from getting her pain medication prescription filled and drifting off into a self induced coma in the back office surrounded by her dogs and their chew toys, the CSB gets a little edgy, bored and uptight.

Today was no different.

She emailed all the radio reps, hoping someone would come over and play, but they all know that to see the CSB, you have to be willing to spend two hours listening to dog stories, looking at her myspace, and having her take photos of you with the poodle on your lap. And then she puts little outfits on the poodle, and you have to sit for even more photos, which she then emails to you and all the other radio reps.

No bites.

She emailed Taco Dave, but he's out of the office working off a hangover at some girls house. He met her on Craigslist, and she has crabs and vaginal piercings, according to the CSB.

Freddy Fife hasn't responded to her last sixteen emails with photos attached of diamond engagement rings she likes.

So the CSB decided to have the Rhino take lesbo photos of her and Tits Ahoy, the 280 lb. receptionist, fondling one another in the showroom between customers. There are photos of them kissing, and others of Tits Ahoy reaching around and fondling the CSB's shriveled tits. It's not pretty, and it's not art.

Who's she going to mail these to?

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