Report a Rhino

Friar Tuck found a neat website where you can report illegal aliens. So he reported the Rhino, and made her sound even worse than she is. which is hard because she is fairly repulsive. Then he showed the site to Fearless Leader. Fearless leader called Baby Hitler, who ran up and showed the Rhino and the CSB, then accused Mondo of turning in the Rhino. The CSB panicked and called her mother, then they decided to have the information taken off the website, then realized they couldn't, because it is true. They talked about it and decided to leave it alone, even though the CSB wanted to contact the webmaster and tell him the Rhino does not have several DUIs, just a few, and she is from Tijuana, not Matamoros. The Rhino told the CSB they might want to just drop the whole matter.

It would be very entertaining for the customers if INS came in and led the Rhino out in handcuffs then loaded her fat ass on a bus to Tijuana.

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