The CSB may need a new job!!!

The CSB was doing some research on menopause and found that she has quite a few of the symptoms.

She didn't have anyone else around to listen to her stories, except Beans.

"Beans! Listen to this I think I have menopause." The CSB said. "I have mood swings, I'm depressed and I don't know why. I've been a total cunt lately, I yell at people for no reason."

Then she leaned in close to Beans and whispered "They (her Mom & Dad) took away our 3rd week of vacation AND they gave me a pay cut!! I'm so stressed out."

"Holy shit! They gave YOU, their own daughter a pay cut?!" Beans said in disbelief.

Mommy & Daddy taking the allowance away, they must be really hurting for money. Could they possibly be going under?

Readers, lets hope they can pull through or our stories may end.

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