Stalking the Rhino

Before she decided to become a big scary lesbo, the Rhino slept with many of the mechanics back in service. Whether or not this is a contributing factor to the high rate of turnover is debatable. A great deal of alcohol was always involved, and I'm sure it comes as a shock to show up at work hungover and find out everyone knows you had sex with a rhinoceros, and that the rhino wants to move in with you.
Motorcycle mechanics are not quite as sought after by women as neurosurgeons or famous athletes, or even toothless truckdrivers with draining facial pustules, which is why fat, homely and/or both, women love to work in motorcycle dealerships. The mechanics will fuck anything, and we are a short walk from a liquor store with cheap beer, so the beasts that work here can have their breasts slobbered on for the price of a twelvepack, or in the case of the Rhino, a case and a half of fortified malt liquor.
One of the Rhino's semi-conscious lovers, a little fellow that weighed all of 130 lbs., decided he liked trying to find the slick spot in the human waterbed, and actually let the Rhino move in with him.
Often symptoms of mental illness are overlooked in the workplace.
As the weeks went by, the Rhino began to tell stories about their home life, sex life, and other things nobody really wanted to hear, that led us to realize that Serge, the mechanic in question, is certifiably insane. He began to call the Rhino names, and threaten to kill her. He enjoyed striking the Rhino's tough, thick hide.
As soon as she found someone else to live with, the Rhino moved out.
This made Serge even crazier. Fearless Leader had to pressure him into quiting, not for threatening to kill the Rhino, but because he spent too much time threatening to kill the Rhino, and not enough destroying customer's motorcycles, and the other mechanics didn't like him anyway. After he left, we found out that he threatened to kill most of us at one time or another.
So now Serge texts threats to the Rhino's cell phone, and calls every now and again threatening to kill the Rhino, Fearless Leader (Even though Fearless Leader doesn't work here anymore,) and the CSB. He calls Fearless Leader at home and threatens to kill him, and when he comes in to buy parts, he threatens to kill the Rhino and Tits Ahoy. For some reason, Serge gets along well with Mr. Moose over the phone.
If he threatens her dogs, the CSB will have him killed, or so she says.

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