Darkness Descends

If you ever read Red Rider or any of the other manufacturer magazines, you will usually find a letter from some poor soul who was on a trip when his bike broke down. He called the local dealership and they worked past closing time to save his trip.

Here's the LazyK version of that story:

A guy called the LazyK at abut 2 pm., got transferred to the service department and spoke to whatever new technician answered the phone. He was on the road, on a Valkyrie, and needed some work done. He had no tail or brake light. And we are the nearest Honda dealer.

"Come on in and we'll get you right back on the road," the new technician said.

Mondo saw the traveler pull up, and realized right away he was on a road trip. Mondo and Friar Tuck wandered out to see what was going on.

The traveler explained his dilemma.

"And they told you to bring it in?" asked Mondo, amazed.

Now Mondo rides long distances and likes to help fellow travelers, and Friar Tuck hates the LazyK and likes to put it down whenever possible, so both of them told the traveler that he was making a big mistake letting the LazyK work on his bike, and that he would be better off taking it to Competent Honda, fifteen miles up the road. Mondo offered to get the number for the traveler,

"You might want to get it out of here while it still runs," said Friar Tuck.

But the traveler told them no, that the technician said the LazyK could fix his bike.

At about 5 PM, the technicians finally got around to changing the bulb, but this didn't fix the problem. Their next step was taking the fuel tank, side panels, seat and rear fender off the bike, in order to fix the taillight. Then they pulled out the service manual and started messing with the electrical system. Meanwhile, Baby Hitler was yelling at the technician for taking the bike in. Baby Hitler did not want to stay late for some goddamn out of state bike. The traveler overheard this.

For some reason, they were able to get the taillight working, the bike back together and the traveler back on the road by 7:30.

As Mondo left the dealership at 7:51, he passed the traveler, riding slowly back to the LazyK in total darkness save for his left rear blinker.

The following morning, the Traveler was still there, and his Valkyrie was back apart. He hung around for a while, talking to the salespeople, looking at parts, listening to Baby Hitler scream at the new technician about his fucking Valkyrie and then wandered off in search of food.

At 5 Pm, the traveler told the service department to put his bike back together and had it towed to Competent Honda.

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