The Mummy Returns

Q. What's worse than working at the Lazy K?

A. Baby Hitler's homelife.

Two days after launching over the handlebars of a Hayabusa when the front brakes locked up, Baby Hitler showed up for work, wearing shorts and a Lazy K teeshirt. He is wrapped in bandages from his shoulders down to both wrists and around both legs, and hobbles around like he's got a stick stuck up his ass. He literally looks like a mummy that can't get to the bathroom fast enough.

Like everyone else who works at the Lazy K and manages to hurt himself on one of the products we sell, Baby Hitler thinks the best place to hang out and tell people what happened to him is on the sales floor. He loves to recount the parts of the accident he remembers to potential customers. And we've all heard about how much it hurt when the nurse came in and scrubbed the grass, twigs and gravel out of his skin.

The CSB is extremely curious as to what they gave Baby Hitler for pain, how many refills he got, and whether or not he thinks he'll need them all. She wondered aloud what would happen if Baby Hitler got all his refills then called and told the Doctor he needs something stronger for the pain.

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