Ellie Mae's Ex

Today Ellie Mae's ex-boyfriend came in and stood at the counter. We were surprised to see him, because last we'd heard he'd been carted off to jail for fighting in the bar across the street with the guy who does the karaoke after Ellie Mae left him to live with the guy who does Karaoke.

The Rhino asked him what he wanted, and he told her it was confidential, and he wanted to speak to her in private.

The Rhino spoke briefly to the Ex, realized what he was there for and turned him over to the CSB. They snuck off to a private corner of the showroom and spoke briefly about numbers of pills and dollar amounts and agreed to meet tomorrow to conclude the transaction. Then he left.

After he was gone, the CSB returned to the computer and told everyone that Ellie Mae's ex had come in to ask her out, and that he is a total loser.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I am a police officer, I know where you are located, and I will be watching the CSB closely for the closing of said transaction.
Will you come visit her in the Pokey?