The Deaf Guy

A deaf guy called today. He wanted a sparkplug for his ATV. He was using a service where he types to someone and they tell the person on the other end of the phone what he typed, then the person on the other end talks and the intermediary types what they say.

Beans was bored, it is freezing and nobody is coming into the Lazy K, so what better way to amuse oneself than to drive some poor deaf guy up the wall.

First she treated the guy like she thought he was a telemarketer. Then she asked if he needed part number 124-65344-898-395969 or 124-65344-899-395969 or -7(x) (sparkplugs have part numbers that are about 5 or 6 digits long and none of them are algebraic expressions, but Beans has returned to college and loves to flaunt her newfound knowledge). He gave her a part number and she repeated it back to him wrong five times. Then she said she was going to check stock. Then she came back on and asked if he was still there. Then she put him on hold.

As soon as Paco got a customer, she told him he had a phone call.

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