Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

The CSB decided this morning that she hates the Lazy K and the employees who work for her. Whenever someone is working with a potential customer, she will get out a throw toy and toss it across the dealership, usually nearby. The Poodle chases it, and Bandit chases the Poodle, barking like crazy. This is very unnerving, and makes it hard to stay focused on making a sale.

From time to time, when he´s not cruising Myspace, Star will get the dogs to chase him through the dealership, barking like crazy. The CSB likes Star very much and encourages him to play with the dogs on company time.

Friar Tuck decided he´s had enough, so during his lunch hour he went over to Safeway and bought one of the supersize bars of Hershey´s Dark Chocolate, the one that weighs almost a half pound and sells for 10 for $1 if you have the card. Over the course of a couple hours, Friar Tuck fed the entire bar to Bandit.

It did slow the barking, Bandit sat on the floor in the middle of the showroom with a dazed look in her eyes. Then Bandit made several incredibly large and runny piles of dog crap in the store, and because it was runny, it got matted into her fur.

So the CSB did the only sensible thing she could think of. She put Bandit on the front counter where the customers go to pay their bills, and cleaned and groomed her. The smell was quite intense.

The CSB yelled at Mondo that he better not be feeding Bandit chicken. Then she had the Rhino type up a memo that the employees were not to feed the dogs and put it in their mailboxes.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate (especially dark) can kill your dogs. I learned this the hard way after we feed my friends Golden Retriever a whole box of E.L fudge when we were kids, thereby giving her a stroke.

Anonymous said...

I'm here to tell you it must take alot of chocolate to kill a Shelty because that mutt could eat and eat.