The Cat Disappears

After three days of wandering throughout the Lazy K, the cat happened to disappear at the same time the back door was left open. Most people would wonder who was leaving the back door open and how much merchandise was walking out, but the CSB was concerned about the cat. She decided that while selling bikes to customers, Mondo had somehow had an out of body experience that enabled him to also open the back door and throw the cat out. She staggered across the dealership, saying, 'I know who let the cat out, and he better not fuck with my dogs, or he's dead.'

Then she told Mondo, while he was sitting with the other salespeople, that if he got near her dogs, she would kill him, and that if the dogs got near him, he better fucking move.

She returned to the computer to go back to her life on myspace, and glare from time to time at Mondo.

About an hour later, the cat woke up and came out of where ever it was hiding from the dogs.

The CSB apologized to Mondo and told him she doesn't want him going to work for the FSB at the other store, that she loves Mondo. Then she went back to myspace.

Mondo suggested they put the cat on craigslist, and someone came and got it about an hour later with the usual free cat story about how it reminded them of one that just died, and they really would take care of the cat.

I'm sure it's in a lab somewhere with cosmetics in it´s eyes.

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starbender said...

Keep an eye open for people licking their lips! Yum!
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