A Rhino takes the plunge

Today Baby Hitler was loading a Rhino, the ATV made by Yamaha, not the cuddly but disease ridden office manager at the Lazy K, into the back of the happy new owner's pickup. Baby Hitler forgot to tie the ramps to the bed of the truck, so the Rhino fell off the back of the truck and stood on end then slowly fell to the right.

Daffy and the nameless service techs came out and applauded and made whooping sounds.

The customer was a bit upset, but became even more so when the CSB pointed out to him that he had signed a piece of paper absolving the Lazy K of responsibility for fucking up customer owned vehicles.

She did offer to help him file a claim with his insurance company then had the Rhino, the office manager, not the ATV, make even bigger signs stating the Lazy K is not responsible for loading or unloading customer owned vehicles.

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Apparently Crazy said...

Funny, but if the customer had any brains (and the CSB for that matter), they'd realize that you cannot legally sign all of your rights away (not even the right to sue for responsibility for the damages, regardless of "bigger signs").

IF you were vindictive and wanted to cause trouble, you could let the customer know that... but we KNOW you're not that way. ;)