Had Enough?

Fearless Leader puffs out his chest and says, “No law is gonna tell me where I can or can’t smoke!”

Applebees was the first place to go non-smoking.

“Well I’m not going to fucking Applebees again, and I hope the rest of the smokers do the same, we’ll put that damn restaurant out of business!” Unfortunately, for him, the smoking ban spread through the city. Last to go non-smoking was the good ol’ Lazy K.

Do you think Fearless Leader submitted to the new law?

Soon after the mayor received an anonymous email sent from the Lazy K while Mondo was at the Suzuki computer, informing the City that a certain dealership would not comply with the smoking ordinance, the cops were sent out to investigate.

Fearless Leader tried to outwit the law by standing inside the front door with his smoking arm and yellowed fingers holding a camel on the outside.

“My cigarette is not inside the building, you can’t do anything to me.” taunted Fearless Leader, "I am in compliance with the law."

Surprisingly, after explaining to both Fearless Leader and the CSB that technically the Lazy K and Fearless Leader were not in compliance with the smoking ban as long as Fearless Leader stood blocking the doorway and sticking his lips outside to take a drag, the dealership was let off with just a warning.

“Fucking Mondo! I know he did this to me.” Fearless Leader complained to a dealership full of people who hated him and were glad to see him suffer.

Without the privilege of smoking when and whereever he wanted and previous the rumors of drug testing, Fearless Leader’s stress level was boiling. To top it off, the CSB told all the employees that he was a fucking idiot and not to listen to a word he said.

Soon he was laughed at when barking orders. No one had any respect left for the ol’ inmate. After weeks of daily depression that not even the best drugs on the market could help, Fearless Leader threw in the towel. He only told the CSB that he would no longer be a member of the Lazy K.

The staff though it was a big hocus. He had been with the company for 15 years. With a record like his where else could he get a job?

Only baby Hitler cried when Fearless Leader's big red toolbox was loaded into the back of the company pickup and driven off the lot for the final time.

He lasted three days selling cell phones at Verizon.


starbender said...

We as Americans seem to be losing Our Rights at an incredible rate!

Anonymous said...

Starbender - you are a moron. What about my right as a non-smoker to not die with thick digusting tar covering my lungs???