Star Does the CSB

To celebrate Beans' birthday, Star and the CSB took her to one of the local bars, and got themselves good and drunk. Beans had to meet another friend, but Star and the CSB were too hammered to follow her, so they sat on the curb and called the Rhino to come and get them. When the Rhino got there, they were gone. Somehow Star got the CSB into his car and drove her home. Once there he stayed for three hours.

The next morning at work the CSB said, "I never realized what a good salesman Star is."

Both denied anything had occured between them, except that the CSB showed Star all the ribbons the Poodle won in agility and about a thousand and a half photos of the Poodle.

Star told his friend who works at the deli managed by fat Friar Tuck's fat future wife that he had sex with the CSB. Star wants the CSB to take him out for his 24th birthday.

This guy should work at the Lazy K

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