Famous Nobody, the drag racing snitch who nobody has ever heard of, can't drive the company truck anymore until the CSB wakes up. Ole Crusty got a phone call from a concerned citizen who saw Famous Nobody in the company pickup doing donuts in the parking lot of a local Baptist church. It had snowed recently, and the tires on the Company pickup are just about bald, and when Famous Nobody came back from retrieving a customer's VTX 1800 that Famous Nobody somehow managed to render inoperable when it came in for an oil change, he bragged about doing donuts with the bike in the back, so maybe Star will fire him.

That's what Ole Crusty told Star to do.

We are waiting for the CSB to wake up and decide if Star should fire Famous Nobody or not.


Anonymous said...

what happened to this blog

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not dying....or already dead. Maybe they finally ID'd sister dick and paid her off with a handfull of pills and an ATV?