Peace, Love and Understanding

Big Jim Slade was on the road, heading as far away from the Lazy K as he could. He'd gotten that new job, and decided to have a little more fun with the inmates at the Lazy K.

Every morning, Big Jim called and asked for the CSB. When he was told the CSB wasn't at the Lazy K yet, Big Jim told the new Fat Bitch who answered the phone that he was returning the CSB's call, and that she had called late the previous night.

The inmates were concerned. Star wondered what would happen to his ability to make payments on the Meal Ticket's many purchases if he returned to being paid what he was worth, instead of being overpaid and still not making what a competent person earns. Paco wondered why he'd been passed over for promotion. He spent the next few days sucking up to the CSB, cleaning the dog shit and piss off the floor and polishing the bikes. Paco considered bringing the CSB some of the Vicodin his wife had left over from the last time she brought a little Paquito into the world.

The big day came when Big Jim called the CSB late enough in the day that she was awake and out of her coma. There was just a hint of drug induced stupor in her voice, as she was trying to straighten out so she could go to dog agility and not lose it and kick Bandit again in front of witnesses.

Big Jim asked the CSB if he got the fax with the job offer. The CSB said she had, but that she has to pass on hiring him.

"We've got 4 candidates for the position now," said the CSB.

Trying not to laugh, Big Jim replied that he was not surprised, considering how well the Lazy K is doing this year.

"We're having our best year ever," replied the CSB, "Making mucho dinero. And there is a lot of interest in working at the Lazy K."

"I'll bet there is. I saw that you're selling a lot of Yamahas."

"Yes, we're all about Peace and Love now, and we're moving to a new store," said the CSB, "No more Drama. I don't like Drama."

"I'll bet you'll do even better in a big new store," said Big Jim, grimacing to keep the laughter building inside from pouring out over the phone.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog..

Anonymous said...

I fear this place has jumped the shark... :(

Anonymous said...

9 days with no post....this blog no longer satisfies my fix. Think the CSB can spare some pills?

Anonymous said...

Just when I discover this amazing blog, it slows to a crawl. nuts.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know we got a big football game this week,no time for this nonsense Go Bucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Many regular readers will miss Sister Dick.

Anonymous said...

Sister Cocksucker finally got someone to hire him?Good riddance. This means shorter waits in the Golden Corral line, Nacho's on the shelves at Aldees(Aldis)along with sauce and bean dip for all.