Total Recall

Two and a half months ago, a customer bought his Suzuki C90 in for a recall. Apparently the fuel pump can come loose and cause a fire. He hasn't seen his bike since.

But he has received an estimate for $650 to repair the battery wiring harness, which somehow got fried and melted together after the Service Department got hold of the bike. They claim it came in that way, and even though he rode the bike in, it doesn't run anymore.

According to the Parts department, the parts necessary for the recall are on backorder and we don't know why every other dealer in town has them in stock.

He went to the front counter and told the CSB she is a fucking idiot and a lying bitch. The meds had kicked in, so she thought he was swearing at the dogs, and told him that her dogs don't deserve to be cussed at and the poodle is not an idiot even though he does like to fuck his pillow in front of the doorway, and Bandit doesn't lie, even though she is a bitch. Even though the CSB thought this was really funny, it just seemed to make the customer madder.

The customer stormed out and the CSB felt a moment of regret that the Rhino isn't here anymore to laugh with her at customer tantrums.

Then the CSB apologized to the poodle on the bad man's behalf.


Anonymous said...

Lame ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

I would never take my bike to get worked on by those fucking retards.

Fire Marshal Bill said...

I suprised someone hasn't gone postal on that shop. Is Ohio full of wimps? WTF? If that was my bike there would be burned wires but it would be what's left of the place after it met with a fire of unknown origin.... Oh Shit... I think I just gave the CSB an idea!

Anonymous said...

per the Better Business Bureau

-Ohio Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Section at 614-466-8831 or 800-282-0515.

- Franklin County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Clerk of Courts at 614-462-3621 concerning case 06CVH-5-6442.