He's Back

Fearless Leader has returned.

After storming out of the Lazy K, vowing never to return, he found employment elsewhere. It didn't last. Then he found another job. Got fired there too. Then he opened his own shop, because Fearless Leader is an expert in all manner of mechanical repairs. He's the genius who told a customer the second number in an oil viscosity rating is how many minutes it takes to cool. He used to tell us that he could make more money wrenching on bikes in his garage than he was getting to torture the employees of the Lazy K. Shop went under in three months, so that's probably not true either. He got another job. Got fired again. Sold cellphones. For two weeks. Started inviting people to his house. To learn about Amway. Couldn't hang onto any job long enough to be eligible for unemployment benefits when they realized what an idiot he is.

To an idiot, another idiot is a genius. But even idiots can tell that Fearless Leader is an idiot.

So Fearless Leader started emailing the CSB, begging for his job back and sending her photos of his dead dog and the new one he got to replace it.

In order to punish her parents for making her the mess that she is, the CSB convinced them to hire Fearless Leader to manage the Service Department at the original Lazy K. This is the mother ship, where motorcycles are assembled then left out to rust in the rain and snow all winter long and sent out to all the other Lazy Ks.

Bad things are starting to happen.


doug said...

Bad things are starting to happen?
Haven't they BEEN happening for years now?
How much worse can it get? Keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a Fearless Leader!

Anonymous said...

i dont know about you but this place is a three ring circus, who has a fearless leader that is a ex-con i bet he can mop a mad floor while fucked up on presciption meds