Baby Hitler's Fort

There was nobody at the parts counter, and the customer got tired of waiting. This was his third trip to the Lazy K to retrieve the helmet he ordered, and, even though nobody had called him to say it was in, three weeks and a day had gone by, and two weeks since he was told it would be in, so he decided to take his chances.

He waited for fifteen minutes with the gathering crowd that wanted to pick up or order parts. The big girl with the watermelon tits from the front counter who called him "Sweetie" was on her way back from the bathroom. He asked her if the parts department was open so he could find out where his helmet was.

"Let me see if I can find someone to get you taken care of, Sugar," said Tits Ahoy.

She walked back behind the counter looking for the helmet, and into the room where we stock parts. She turned the corner, and down at the end of the aisle where we stock the helmets and empty boxes from the display helmets, Baby Hitler had made himself a little fort out of helmet boxes. As she got further into the room, Tits Ahoy heard Baby Hitler speaking softly.

"I like that. It's making me really hard. Are your panties wet? because my dick is so hard right now. If you were here right now, I would take you in the back room and fuck you good."

Tits Ahoy realized Baby Hitler was having phone sex and whacking off. Tits Ahoy turned to leave and her tits knocked a bunch of helmets over and Baby Hitler jerked up, and started wiping off and zipping closed.

"Oh shit, I gotta go," Baby Hitler slammed the phone down, adjusted his jeans so he was a bit more comfortable, and came running over to where Tits was, asking her what the fuck happened.

"I was distracted and not paying any attention and knocked over the stack of helmets. What were you doing back there?"

Baby Hitler told Tits Ahoy that he wasn’t doing what she thought he was doing, whatever that was. His face was three shades of beet.

"Whatever," said Tits, and walked off.

Baby Hitler spent the rest of the day asking Tits Ahoy what she thought she heard and begging her not to tell anyone. She ran and told the Rhino about Baby Hitler whacking off in the parts department, so everyone knew by closing time.

So that's what's happening to all the paper towels.


Anonymous said...

too funny

Anonymous said...

this new post smells of bullshit. this is not the real lazy k, but someones poor attempt to copy it through cached posts, etc.

Sister Dick said...

Anonymous said...
"this new post smells of bullshit. this is not the real lazy k, but someones poor attempt to copy it through cached posts, etc."

The Internet is full. Go home.

What a moron.

Anonymous said...

WTF happened to the old lazyk?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean the old lazy K it is every day life at the lazy K
i thought the story of baby hitler getting caught wacking off was funny and if you knew baby hitler you would too

Anonymous said...

I meant
this is

WTF???? asks for a login?

Sister Dick said...

Anonymous said...
"I meant
this is

WTF???? asks for a login?"

Old Crusty had his feelings hurt, has a lot of money, and wants to close the shop. We are checking into a few things, and then will move back into our old space. We still own it, we are just renovating. Meanwhile, enjoy the view from over here.

A Little Blog History-

This was the original title of the blog, then Friar Tuck decided it would be fun to email the Lazy K and let the CSB know the blog existed. This happened after the first two posts. He pretended to be from the competition. Luckily, one of the authors intercepted the emails, deleted them, and moved the blog into the LazyK space, where it went about 6 months without discovery.

Anonymous said...

love the pic of baby hitler wacking off ex-con too funny

bob said...

I'm pretty sure he was talking to Star.

A said...

Can you pleeeease add me to the list of invited readers? Love your blog! thx