You're Like a Daughter to Me

The CSB was on a rampage today, yelling at everyone for ordering the same inventory again that we've ordered and not received for over a week, and telling them that it wasn't their job to tell her that we need bikes to sell. Then one of the guys who trains dogs with her came in to look at a bike which we didn't have, so the CSB got right on the phone and screamed at her mother that we need these bikes here now. She's put on a few kilos over the winter, so now she's a fat crazy screaming bitch.

The bike dog trainer wanted to look at showed up ten minutes after he left.

The new Manatee who answers the phones at night was standing at the counter with her arms crossed, glaring out across the showroom. The CSB decided to talk to her, because she hadn't complained about anything. The CSB asked where she works during the day, in that way she has of talking to someone without really caring what they have to say back, and the Manatee replied that she works at the local medical center. The CSB was a bit out of it, because Freddy Fife is still getting pain killers that he keeps misplacing when she is over at his house, so it took about half a minute to register that the Manatee told her that one of the Manatee's jobs is phoning in prescriptions. Then a light went on and the CSB literally froze mid step. She became much friendlier. The CSB now thinks of the Manatee as the daughter she always wanted, and mommy is in a lot of pain.

I think we've just found the $100 an hour receptionist.

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