Who told Baby Hitler he could take time off?

Today the CSB was screaming at the employees back in the parts department, and then told them that she wanted to speak to Baby Hitler. One of the employees told her that Baby Hitler is on vacation, and has been on vacation all week. She called Star on his day off, and asked if he gave Baby Hitler permission to take a vacation now. Star said no. Then the CSB wrote Baby Hitler up for taking a vacation and told Tits Ahoy not to give Baby Hitler his paycheck until he signed it, so when Twerpy the parts monkey asked for Baby Hitler's paycheck to give to Baby Hitler, he was told that Baby Hitler had been written up for taking an unauthorized vacation and had to sign the writeup before he could have his paycheck. So he told Baby Hitler, who called Star, who wondered who told Baby Hitler he could take time off.

The CSB told him. She just forgot about it.

Freddy Fife, Barney's taller and not quite as bright cousin, hurt his back at work and has been getting some very good pain killers. The CSB has decided to spend time nursing him back to health and wandering around the Lazy K in a daze. She is such a good girlfriend, she's even telling him what to request, and that even though he doesn't think he's in that much pain, he really is and needs more medication. She has become quite the expert on prescription pain medications.

The CSB got on the phone with Old Crusty, her father, and belittled Baby Hitler for taking a vacation during the poaching season, when the buyers wander around the showroom like deer in the headlights, looking for the next new bike.

The CSB draws the line at bestiality. One of Taco Dave's new craigslist girlfriends brought it up with him, and the CSB says she finds it disgusting. She describes their recent conversation and her aversion to the subject loudly and in graphic detail while at the front counter. Customers look on in disbelief.

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