Beat It, Just Beat It

Today was Smelly Ivan's last day. It didn't start out that way, and it was a surprise to most everyone to learn that the powers that be would fire anyone who is eligible for unemployment benefits.

So what do you have to do to get fired at the Lazy K?

Forget to lock the bathroom door, and have your boss walk on in you while you are whacking off to a porno magazine from the extensive collection you have managed to squirrel away above the ceiling tiles.

Star believes that he can convince the Employment Development Department not to pay out this claim. We doubt it, and given his previous success with the EDD, I am fairly certain that one lucky day we will hear Star shrieking into the phone, "But he was jerking off in the bathroom," while customers are standing around with their kids waiting to pay for things.

I'm glad I didn't shake his hand on his way out...


Terry said...

So did the feds shut you guys down or what? What's happening at the Lazy-K?

-Terry the Computer Whisperer
Holistic PC/Mac Repair in Seattle

Anonymous said...

For the love of god please bring back the funny!

Its spring time motorcycle season is afoot! There must be something funny happening.