New Rules

Not only are they not giving Beans, Star and Rhino any more vacation time, they are also taking away 1 week from all the employees that had been already receiving 3 weeks.

Today the employees of the Lazy K received a notice that reiterated the new "we are taking away your vacations" policy. This notice is what they are calling the employee hand book.

The Heading says: Welcome to Lazy K I hope you will find our relationship rewarding.

Then it has 32 rules and regulations, I won't bore with all of them but, I will give you a few good ones:

16. There shall be no parts removed from new or used vehicles in stock without President's approval.

23. There is to be no use of drugs or alcoholic beverages during working hours or at lunch or before work.

25. Raises will be awarded on a merit basis only, at the descretion of the supervisors and with approval of the President.

30. Full time employees after one year are eligible for one week vacation equalled to 40 hours. Full time employees after three years are eligible for two weeks vacation equalled to 80 hours. Vacations must be taken during off season with approval of management. Three to Four weeks notice is required. Off season for vacations to be taken are for Sept-Jan.

31. Anytime you are absent from your desk you are to notify the office and put someone in charge until you return.

My favorite is # 23. I wonder to who it applies. And I spy a mispelling in # 25.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you wonder to WHOM it applies

Anonymous said...

Maybe she meant "desecration"...