Boat Show

The Lazy K went to the annual (not to be confused with anal) Boat Show!

The owner, Old Crusty, makes it mandatory for all salespeople to work all weekend at the Boat Show. And, why not, salespeople are commission only so, they're FREE!!

It is, however, a great learning experience for the sales staff. They watch and learn from the CSB and the FSB.

The CSB was nicely dressed in black, she looked almost normal. On the other hand the FSB was wearing fish nets with black Capri pants and a button down Kawasaki shirt. She had a fish neckless that was green and brown with crystal eyes. She said that was the only crystals her dad, Old Crusty, allowed her to bring to the show. It was suppose to help her "fish" for prospects. She had an 80's style pony tail. Half of her hair was down and the other half was in a pony tail to the side.

Soon, a customer came up to Paco and said that he talked with the CSB the day before and that he was ready to buy today. The CSB put on her fake smile and talked with her customer about the purchase. The customer asked if he could have a few moments of sitting on the Jet Ski before he signed the paperwork. The CSB granted his request.

Beans was chatting with some other customers about the Side by Sides. The CSB over heard the conversation and barged in, "We have a 2005 left over that I'm willing to sell at dealer cost, come see us at our store." There went any money Beans could have made!

Little did she know, while she was "helping" Beans with a sale, her sister the FSB took over the "I need a few moments" customer. When she glanced over and saw the FSB sitting at the desk with her customer she stopped mid sentence.

After Beans' customers went away, the CSB walked right up in the middle of the FSB and the customer. The customer looked up from the desk at the CSB and said "Oh, your sister said that you two were like the same person so it wouldn't matter who I signed with." The CSB smiled back and said "Yes, we love working together." As soon as the customer looked away she gave the FSB a pinch on her tricep flab. I'm guessing she is used to the abuse because she didn't flinch.

And, this is how sales have been done since they were teenagers.

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