Hell Is Freezing Over

Tuesday afternoon we were blessed with 6 inches of snow. When there is a winter warning the grocery stores run out of bread and bottled water, because of the people that think they will be snowed in for days. Similarly, the Lazy K runs out of snow plows and even sells quite a few 4x4 ATVs.

Star was in charge because the CSB took the day off.

The snow turned to freezing rain. Soon the rush of customers was over and the employees questioned staying open. After an inch of ice covered the city, the Lazy K amazingly closed an hour early.

As the employees chiseled away at their vehicles , the question remained, "Are we going to be open tomorrow?"

Star said "I don't see why we would be closed tomorrow, most of us have all-wheel-drive cars and we had a busy day today." Isn't he turning out to be a great manager.

The county, in which the Lazy K is located, went to a level 2 weather emergency. And, the surrounding counties went to a level 3. All the schools and colleges closed. City employees didn't have to report unless needed. Most malls and restaurants shut down as well.

Being in a level 2 emergency, should the Lazy K be closed? Heavens NO! Open for greed! Opps, I mean open for business.

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