The Lazy K full-time employee vacations are as follows: after two years of employment you receive 1 week paid, after three years you receive 2 weeks paid, maxing out at after five years and receiving 3 weeks of paid time off.

Well, that is what was stated in the employee hand book years ago about the time Star, Beans and Rhino were hired. Over the years those handbooks have strangely disappeared.

The CSB never worried about any employee lasting a full year let alone FIVE years. Who would be tolerant enough to last that long? Who is glutton for punishment?

In one month from now it will be the five year anniversary of Star, Beans and Rhino.

And to congratulate her employees the CSB took away the five year/3 weeks policy. Now, they are only allowed up to 2 weeks, which they received two years ago.

Awww, she is so nice!!

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