Rhino's Wits End

I find this blog to be hilarious. But, now there is something very serious going on at the Lazy K. Please do not laugh at The Rhino's misfortune!

The Rhino was adopted by a Mexican couple that lived in California. They breezed through the adoption paper work without a care. No big deal 30 years ago.

Well, now 30 years later, the Rhino misplaced her drivers license at the gay bar. She went to the DMV to replace it. "Not with out proper identification, we can't accept a birth certificate that is in Spanish!" They said.

Then the Rhino went back to the gay bar to drink her frustration away. After having 18 beers and 5 shots she decided to drive home. The Rhino drove off the road and hit a huge telephone pole. She was so intoxicated she didn't know why her SUV was not moving. Forward and reverse, forward and reverse. That went on until a cop happened to drive by. Of course, they arrested her. Somehow, they were able to identify her as the Rhino. Huh, I wonder why the DMV couldn't!

So, the Rhino can only prove who she by being a criminal. Interesting.

The Rhino can't stand working for the CSB anymore. But, where can she get a job without an I.D. She has spent $5000 in lawyer fees trying to prove she is the Rhino. No luck!

Everything has built up inside her. Her parents will not help fix the problem they created years ago by incorrectly signing adoption papers. Lawyers taking money but, not finding an answer. The DMV saying that a photo copy of her old I.D., social security card, and 3 credit card in her name is not I.D. enough. Trapped inside the prison walls of the Lazy K, with the CSB as a warden, she had a mental break down a few weeks ago and was severely depressed. Mr. Moose took the Rhino to the hospital because she couldn't stop crying and was making suicidal threats.

The Rhino is out of the hospital now and is doing OK. She made appointments with a counselor.
Poor Rhino, had to use all two weeks of her vacation to pay for her bills.

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