No Service Writer?

This morning, the police came and picked up Bucky, the new service writer. He had been selling cocaine, and got caught. Beans was surprised to hear he was the service writer, she thought he worked in parts, and didn´t know very much about motorcycles or ATVs. He was heard at one point to ask who makes the Honda Gold Wing. But he too found working with Baby Hitler to be a miserable experience, and wanted to quit. So the Lazy K gave him another 50 cents an hour and a clipboard. Apparently this was his first day as service writer.

Bucky´s mother came by later to make sure that if and when Bucky gets out, he´ll still have a job. The CSB was nice and said she couldn´t believe they would put Bucky in jail. The CSB loves drama, and having your service writer dragged out in handcuffs is a very exciting way to start the day.

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