Write em up

One of the many rarely used methods of disciplining the inmates at the Lazy K is the write-up. Theoretically you get three and you're automatically fired. Because turnover is so high, few people last long enough to get written up once, much less three times.

Until now.

Since becoming store manager after sleeping with the CSB, Star has been on a write up rampage. In the last three weeks he has written up eight people, including most of service, half of parts and the entire sales staff. Every time the CSB abandons the Lazy K for one of her dog shows, Star gets out the write up forms and starts deciding who's next. The only people he hasn't written up are the Rhino, because she'll kick his ass if he does, The Buddha, because sleeping on the job is not against the rules and Baby Hitler, because they play video games together when they should be working.

It's cold, sales are down, and what better way to boost morale than write everybody up?

But the salespeople laughed, and refused to sign the write-ups. The rest of the day, they made fun of Star and his write ups.

"What are they going to do, fire us?" asked Paco.

This morning, Star told the CSB that he wants to make everyone sign a paper saying that being late is no longer acceptable. The CSB said that isn't going to work around here.

Star took the afternoon off to go home and play with his Wii.

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