Umm What Do I Do?

The FSB thought it would be a grand idea to open up a hour early for a special 15% off accessories when you buy a quad sale. The crystal told her to have all three locations to do this. On a normal day Lazy K gives a 20% off on accessories when you buy a vehicle. So you can tell how special it was.

Guess who forgot he had to be a hour early, Paco. Star looks at him and says "You are a half hour late!" Paco replies "Yea I know, I'm sorry." Star didn't bother to write him up.

Well, it comes as no suprise, there was not one single customer in that first hour. Too bad Buddha and Rhino missed it. Buddha was on vacation and Rhino called in sick with the flu. "WAIT! No Buddha, No Rhino. Who knows how to do finance paperwork?...I don't." Says the CSB.

Star calls the other store, then faxed them the information to do the paperwork for Beans' customer. After he showed the CSB and Tits Ahoy how to do the papers he left to go play with his Nintendo Wii.

As the customer gets ready to sign the paperwork he notices that the percentage was way higher than what Beans told him it would be. "Oh thank God you found that mistake it is pretty bad when our customers have to our job for us." says the CSB. Lucky for Beans the customer didn't get mad and walk out.

So the question remains, why doesn't the owner that has been working the stores her whole life know how to do finance papers??

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