Drug Induced Coma

The CSB is in a self administered drug induced coma in the back room. She is lying on the floor surrounded by her dogs and their shit, because she is too fucked up to take them out to relieve themselves. She has been crying.

It all started when she decided that since Bandit is not housebroken and the apartment is slowly filling with feces and dog urine, she would buy a new house. She found one, made the deal and then decided to show it to Taco Dave, since they are soul mates and will be living there together forever in semi-marital bliss.

On the way over, Taco Dave began to act suspiciously, and to look at her like she knew something. He was fairly agitated by the time they rounded the corner and pulled into the driveway of their future happy little bungalow. That is when he confessed.

Taco Dave is fucking a 19 year old girl who lives with her mother and two kids five doors down from the house the CSB bought. She told him that he has impregnated her.

What are the odds?

So since then, the CSB has pulled out all the stops, taking her weekly supply of vicodin in a day and a half, buying all she can from the employees and their friends and stealing what her father has left over from his dental surgery. She has only come out to pee and cry and fire one of the mechanics and send hateful emails to Taco Dave and have the Rhino sign her up for Match.com.

She is thinking of asking Taco Dave to move out. But the Rhino hasn't told her if she should or not.

On Match.com, the CSB is 36.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

that is the best fucking blog i have ever read!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A myspace page for her dog? That's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to what exactly you do.
In case I need help later on down the road.
What bikes do you work on, and how long have you been doing repairs on

Not sure if you have spare parts, but I am looking for a a bottom end
for a 1986 Honda 250ES.