A guy decided to sell the Waverunner he bought at the Lazy K. He wanted to buy a boat. He told the buyer that the speedometer was broken, so he'll take it to the Lazy K and get it fixed under warranty. He took a deposit on the waverunner and took it in to be fixed. The Homeless Guy told the seller it would take about a week.

Three weeks went by, without a word from the Lazy K. The seller called and was told his Waverunner was taken to the mother ship, because that's where Fearless Leader has assembled the topnotch crew of Waverunner repairmen.

The buyer wanted to back out and get his deposit back. The seller said he'd go get the waverunner and drive it up to Detroit, quite a distance from the Lazy K, in order to make the buyer happy.

The Seller drove to the Mother Ship and got his waverunner, then drove to Detroit. The Buyer was happy until they tried to transfer the waverunner to the buyer's trailer. The whole bottom of the Waverunner was busted out. The nozzle was hanging off the bottom of the boat. It looked like the Waverunner had been dropped from about 10 feet in the air.

The seller called the Homeless Guy to bitch about the Lazy K destroying his Waverunner and was told that he should have inspected the bottom of the boat before he left, and that it could have been dropped anytime. So of course the Lazy K is not responsible.

The Homeless guy did the buyer a favor though by selling him the last old Yamaha boat we had marked down to $14,999 for $22,000.

I wonder if the speedometer works.


Anonymous said...

well thats what you get with the fearless leader a guy who can barley spell his name (good thing it was sew into his prison jumpsuit) during my term at the lazy k i remember dropping a jet ski and laughing for hours about it no one cares

Anonymous said...

Would a waverunner go up shit creek?

Anonymous said...

no not if the fearless leader worked on it (or dropped it)