CSBees Knees

The CSB showed up limping at work. First she told someone it was because she fell in the bathroom. Then she told someone else she tripped over her fucking dog. Then she told someone else she had a bone marrow biopsy because she might have cancer. We've heard three different stories about why the CSB's hobbling around complaining about the pain. And she complained to everyone that her fucking new Doctor won't give her anything for the pain.

I wonder if the CSB is going to different specialists for different ailments, trying to score more pain pills.

What a clever plan. I bet the poodle told her it's a good idea. Too bad he hasn't advised her to stick an ax in her forehead. That would cure everyone's pain.


Anonymous said...

Please somebody go in there and take some mpegs of her acting like this and post them on this website.

Crazy is as crazy does said...

"Strickland has ordered the State Highway Patrol to review reports of stolen computer equipment following the theft of a computer backup tape earlier this month. The tape contained personal information on state employees and the names and Social Security numbers of 225,000 taxpayers.

The patrol is investigating 11 reports of missing or stolen equipment this year, 26 last year and 32 in 2005, said Lt. Tony Bradshaw, an Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesman.

In Columbus, for example, someone stole 12 laptops from the state highway department in a theft discovered in April, including a $4,500 computer used to record pavement conditions taken from a locked office, records show."


fixed said...

"In Columbus, for example, someone stole 12 laptops from the state highway department in a series of thefts from the same highway patrol car parked outside the same residence in Galloway, records show."

Anonymous said...

ok ok..I confess..the CSB banged her knees and hip while she was getting her tonsils swabbed in the back of my truck...seems the poodle gives good head as well..according to my dog spike...the pictures are not for publication

THE CSB said...


doug said...

Can't find any more Fri Flash pics other than the 1. Anymore on the way?