Taco Dave takes another ride

Even though she's in love with Sheriff Freddy Fife, Barney's taller and not so good looking brother, the CSB still sneaks off a couple times a week to roll around in a drug induced stupor with Taco Dave. He's young and wants to sleep with her. She must still be hot.

Because of this, Taco Dave gets to ride whatever motorcycle he wants, despite the fact that he has no motorcycle endorsement on his license. Perhaps it is this special fondness the CSB has for Taco Dave that has made her want to go to Mexico with Freddy Fife. Maybe Mexico is a special place full of Taco Daves wanting to fuck the CSB.

The last time the CSB took a tropical vacation with anyone was on her third honeymoon to Jamaica. Her new husband beat the hell out of her for trying to fuck all the native bartenders. That relationship did not last. There were trust issues involved.

Taco Dave decided he wanted to ride a used Yamaha Road Warrior. Baby Hitler put the dealer plate on, made sure it was fastened as tightly as humanly possible, and sent Taco Dave on his way with a borrowed half helmet two sizes too big.

Meanwhile, Taco Dave's two dogs ran through the store, terrorizing young children and fighting with the CSB's dogs. They added to the pile of dogshit in the personal watercraft section. They took turns pissing on the leather jackets. Star decided to throw a plastic duck across the store so the dogs would chase it, and took out two sections of florescent lighting.

"I'm not bringing in my ladder again to fix this," said Paco.

The Poodle decided to hump one of Taco Dave's faggy little dogs, right in the entryway to the Lazy K, so customers had to step around the snarling and humping little ball of gay dogs to get to the parts counter. The CSB had the Rhino take pictures and video of this to put on The Poodle's Myspace page.

Taco Dave returned about an hour later, just in time for the main event, the little neutered dog fight in the ATV section. Somehow or another, the dealer plate had fallen off the back of the bike. Every time he rides one of the Lazy K's bikes, the dealer plate falls off.

What is Taco Dave doing with the dealer plates?

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