Criminals are Stupid

Case in point, Fearless Leader.

This convicted felon sells marijuana. But he has a very clever plan. Instead of personally selling it, he has the Rhino, an illegal alien currently on probation for a DUI, with no drivers license or other form of ID, who nonetheless continues to drink and drive to and from work and the local bars, sell it for him out of the Lazy K. I'm sure she would keep her mouth shut if threatened with deportation. And who are their customers? The Parts and Service departments. But wait, you wonder, don't they hate Fearless Leader as well? Of course they do, everyone hates Fearless Leader except Baby Hitler, who cried when he had to push Fearless Leader's toolbox up into the company truck and take it to him after Fearless Leader quit.

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Anonymous said...

Why the hell do you care if he sells Marijuana? Weed is like the least harmful "drug" if you could even call it that, and is the biggest waste of time to fight. Our fucking Constitution was made out of hemp for Christ's sake. Let us weed smokers smoke in peace.