Flip Out

We sold a guy a motorcross bike we don't have. Not to worry, it's done all the time. The CSB found it at another dealership, and sent Famous Nobody to pick it up.

the CSB was out cold when Famous Nobody returned. He took the bike out of the crate and got it ready for delivery, and then decided to ride it a little, because it's the latest and greatest, and Famous Nobody is the best nobody in the history of drag racing things your father buys you until they break. 

Unfortunately for the Lazy K and the customer, Famous Nobody decided to ride a wheelie, and the bike came back over on top of him. 

Famous Nobody has a clever plan. When the CSB sobers up, he's going to tell her that the bike was scratched up when he took it out of the crate. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm no robot,heheheh. Just wondering if the blog died.