While Rome Burns

Yamaha sent out their quarterly report. There are 39 dealerships in the region. When Fearless Leader was the ringmaster, the Lazy K was always one of the top five dealerships in terms of sales in the region.

Now that Mr. Pill and Star are running the show, we've slipped.

How far?

We are 37th.

There are dealers who went out of business two months ago who are selling more Yamahas than we are.

Meanwhile, the CSB is telling everyone that business is better than ever. We're having our best year ever. The Poodle and Mr. Pill are making sound business decisions, and Fearless Leader is making sure all the new bikes we get are scratched and missing parts.

I can feel the love.

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Anonymous said...

thats awesome finally getting rid of that big blister on the foot of our industry, good luck to everyone there are plenty of other shops oround the area just dont put that you worked at the lazy k on your application. we will not feel sorry for you. hahahahahaahaha