A New Home for the Terminally Bewildered

Ol' Crusty came in and took Star over to see the building the Lazy K wants to move to. Star was excited because Ol' Crusty let him sit in the front. It used to be a Sears store, and we should be able to put in a service department. Of course we will still have the same high quality personnel, so your bike will just get fucked up in a nicer environment. And the bikes will still spend all winter outside before they are trucked and scratched on their way to the new space.

But the dogs will have more places to shit and piss on the floor, and Taco Dave will be able to discreetly enter from the back. Lately Freddie Fife has been stalking the CSB, trying to catch her with Taco Dave, Tarot, or one of the guys from Craigslist who sends her dick pics. He's counting the sponges, and they are disappearing a little faster than Freddie thinks they should.

While Ol' Crusty had Star at the new store, the CSB asked Mondo and Paco if either of them would like to be the Sales Manager at the new place.


Anonymous said...

what do they think we will forget about them if they move to a new store. hahahaha. thats right crusty spend more money you dont have. now maybe the sales staff will get 2.50 deals. you know i dont have any problem with any of the sales guys there except star. but, why would you stay in a place that does not care about you. at my dealership my salary goes up another 200 dollars a week. oh and to the sales staff at the lazy k a salary is money that you get paid every week no questions asked. why dont all of you just quit and move into a new dealership that cares about you, leave the lazy k to rot

Anonymous said...

My guess it's Daffy!!

Plan B said...

Gee whiz! Does this mean the Mother Ship might vacate its prime spot in front of the trailer park? What will they ever do with the rotted boats and parted-out rust-monsters?
This is a prime opportunity to expand the trailer park, tho. The landscaping is already done! Win-Win!

Crazy Friend... said...

Wait - the CSB USES the sponges? For their INTENDED use? You sure she's not just using them to clean up the dog crap?

That woman should be sterile from all of the miscellaneous diseases by now, shouldn't she?