Here Fishy Fishy!

It was a slow day. Tits Ahoy and the Rhino discussed, for at least an hour, what to pig out on for lunch. Finally they decided on the local fast food seafood joint. They split a large array of fishy things, crab cakes, fish tacos, shrimp, you know the whole nine yards.

After mopping away the tartar sauce from their lips, they sat in agony holding their bellies.

A few hours later, Mr Moose came to see her charming Rhino. They bestially kissed in the showroom, for anyone to see.

It could really make one sick!

That one, was............ Mr. Moose! She is allergic to the iodine in fish!! She started to get red and blotchy. Then, her lips instantly puffed out (thank God it was her northern set) and they ran her to the ER.

Don't worry they gave her some meds and is doing fine. No more fishy lunches for the Rhino!


driveitlikeustoleit said...

me needs some news from the lazy k

Anonymous said...

continue posting! we need more!