Ride and Stare

What if you gave a party and nobody came?

If you've followed the story of the sinking state of the Lazy K, you remember last year when we moved the annual ride and compare event from the height of ATV season to a weekend that didn't interfere with dog show weekend. So even though nobody is in the mood to buy an ATV right now, we have the event anyway.

It was surprisingly warm, hot and humid in fact, and the only people who showed up to ride quads were ex-employees who came to give their kids free hotdogs and let them ride the ATVs on the test track. The FSB was there trying to steal customers from the CSB's store, but nobody showed up, so she spent most of the time on the phone to Inky, her son's future step-dad.

Paco was there, loyal as ever, trying to sell the guy who used to put bikes together and now brought his entire family for quads and dogs. One of the ex-inmates got a sport quad to raise up and fall back on top of himself.

A single mother brought her 13 year old son out to play on the quads, and Mondo decided the best way to pick up on her was to let her kid ride anything he wanted, even if it was age rated for 16 and above.

The CSB was on her best behavior because Old Crusty was sneaking around on an old Kawasaki, until Tarot showed up. Then she disappeared for half a day.

In order to sell more ATVs, Paco started letting customers ignore the demo track and blast up and down the field to the side of the Mother Ship. Soon they were racing and playing tag, and pinging the rev limiter on brand new vehicles. One of the ex-inmates rolled a sport quad and the GOB ran to check that he had signed a release of liability, then put a stop to the fun.

We still have good deals on gently used Demo ATVs.


Anonymous said...

Ride,thrash,buy is what the radio ad said...sounds like that's what they didi all except the buy part.

Anonymous said...

they came to 23 north

Anonymous said...

Dodge 4 lanes of traffic, hike a mile north for a limited quanity of rides. Hmmm, I guess it does beat riding on a 60'x40' blacktop parking lot. Next year maybe they could add a baby pool and some personal water craft. Dayum I just gave you an idea and a possible $20.00 per year raise.

Anonymous said...

I don't think thier stupied enough to sell watercraft's in the middle of Ohio!!Think of a new joke you dumb Bitch!

Anonymous said...

I guess your right, why try to introduce something else that won't sell from that floor plan. I ain't no bitch.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a floor plan,its called cash Bitch!Something you haven't seen in a while!

Anonymous said...