the applicant we didn't hire

A guy came in today looking for a job. He was in his early 50s and had on really interesting lime green tracksuit. We thought he was looking for a handout. He was on crutches, and had a dent in his head. Instead of a resume, he had a stack of letters he wanted us to read, that he kept in a spiderman briefcase. He spoke to Mondo first, who decided he would make an ideal addition to the staff.
Mondo pointed to Paco and said, "that's the guy you want to talk to," then helped himself to the customer Paco was getting ready to approach.
Paco listened briefly to the guy, realized he was insane, and referred him to Star.
Star takes his job seriously, so he had the nutjob fill out an application, then interviewed him for about half an hour. He wrote in the margins of the application and looked at a couple of the letters. Then he took the application to the CSB and told her the guy had experience. She looked up from the computer, turned her head and saw the guy.
"He's too old," she said, and stuck her head back in myspace.

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Anonymous said...

Did he really have a spiderman briefcase?? HAHAHAHA

Man these people that make it in to your store...

I wonder how I manage to not run into them...

-Super D