Rumors of Drug Testing

The wonderful employees at the Lazy K receive a phone call from a reliable source that the Lazy K will soon be drug testing. They have never drug tested before, and it was an unwritten rule that you had to do drugs to get a job there.

Fearless leader calls an emergency meeting bout the problem. Frantically explaining to everyone, that if anyone has a habit, they need to clean it up right away! As the staff looked around at each other, Friar Tuck pipes up “Well, I’d say we are all fired.” Fearless leaders face turned bright red. “This is not a joke!” he barked. Poor Fearless Leader, how will he ever quit smoking weed? He smokes on the way to work, at lunch, on the way home and all night long.

If Lazy K really does drug test they would have to fire their own daughter. “We (the owners) are doing this to save money on our workman’s comp. so all you fuckin crackheads are gonna have to straighten up!!” Prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.


Anonymous said...

You know what I loved....That one morning when you get sooo fucking stoned on your way in and low and behold your very first customer waiting at the door...A fucking cop...I used to love talking to those fuckers stoned out of my mind!!!F.B.G.M!

Crooked P said...

after I smoked a j with fearless leader in the entryway an ex-inmate crashed his big kaw right in front of the service doors going about 70, ending up sliding into a pole across the street to the south. the guy cut his eyebrow which looked like he'd lost an eye. fearless is running around shouting get him a piss test!