The CSB Writes Daffy Up.

Today the CSB wrote up Daffy the service writer three times in five minutes. She won't fire him, because she doesn't want to pay unemployment, so he continues to make customer's lives hell. He can't go anywhere else and get a job. When customers ask Daffy about his job he tells them "I don't know anything about motorcycles, but I think they are cool and it is fun to work in a motorcycle shop." For some reason the CSB hoped Daffy would quit if he got written up three times in five minutes, but he proved too smart. So she went back a half hour later, after the drugs kicked in, and told him she hopes he is there forever.

She also wrote up Shaggy, the parts manager, because he went to the hospital with his wife while she had an emergency operation instead of coming to work. The CSB told him she wrote him up so he would stay focused on his job.

Yesterday Daffy mounted a customer's tires backwards twice, and scratched the hell out of the rim. But he doesn't care, and the CSB won't fire him.

First published 10/3/06

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Anonymous said...

if CSB thinks paying unempoyment is a burden, ask them if they have thought of what this employee is costing them in pissed off customers and a bad rap. The loss in return customer revenue WAY out weighs the cost of unemployment. Plus, if he has been there less than a year (in california) his claim will not affect their UE account.

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Anonymous said...

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, facts have been altered and/or distorted, things have been made up and timelines have been shortened for dramatic effect. But other than that, It's all true.

So what is it? True or Fictional?

Anonymous said...

This is daffy and these stories are mostly true patty would fire anyone for the fear of paying unemployment. i never mounted any tires backwards twice. i mean hell half the time she was so out of it she did not even know what was going on. After i put in my two weeks notice star came back to service told me that i did not need to finish out my two weeks and that i could go home. so i had him sign the paper that patty had wrote stating that the lazk was letting me go i signed it star signed it then before i left i took the paper up to patty and told her i need her to sign a paper for a warranty claim and she gladly sign her almost unreadable signature. And to clear everything up the only person in the whole company that gives two shits about customer service is baby hitler, and thats why folks call him that because he makes you accountable for your actions. I would love to have him working in my parts department

Anonymous said...

yea, if you think these stories are mad up for enjoyment... your wrong. totally true.
signed- ex-con of ASK!

Anonymous said...

just work there for a week and you will see it is all true!!!