The Poodle gets his space

Today is the day the radio reps come around. The dealership buys a lot of radio time, and the CSB makes the reps give her free tickets to concerts and football games. Mondo sells them on Craigslist and they split the take.

So there were two radio reps there, to give her tickets and discuss advertising campaigns for the upcoming months.

The CSB decided it would be more fun to create a myspace space for the Poodle, so she and the Rhino spent the afternoon building it, while the radio reps talked to each other and then wandered off.

In other words, the business of selling motorcycles and ATVs came to a halt while the CSB constructed a myspace site FOR HER DOG!!!

On one of his many waddles through the store to the liquor store or out to smoke, the Buddha stopped in front of Mondo's desk, caught his breath and started to doze off.

"I couldn't make this up if I tried," said Mondo.

The Buiddha just nodded and closed his eyes.

After they constructed the myspace space, the CSB spent the entire afternoon showing it to the employees, clicking through the photos and reading aloud the Poodle's profile. She lied about his age too.

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